On English
Unless otherwise specified, people across the galaxy speak both their homeworld’s language and Mandate Standard English. If “English” is listed as a planet’s language that refers to Old Terran English. Speakers of MSE can only understand OTE with a great deal of effort. Spacers tend to only speak Mandate Standard English.

Possible Homeworlds:
Tarf – World battered by brutal blizzards, barely habitable by most standards. Ancient enemy of Cor Hydrae.
Skat – New colony, settled by radical monotheists. World was not entirely empty when they got there.
Corvus – Devastated by civil war. Fighting over rare earths and fossil fuels.
Castor – frozen world littered with alien ruins. Difficult life, but riches to be found.
Alwaid – A major weapon manufacturer in the sector, but fighting for survival against local aliens.
Cor Hydrae – Ancient enemy of Tarf, police state, lately has been beset by horrific earthquakes, leaving it with 20th century technology
Fornax – home to strange and dangerous beasts, medieval level technology, feudal society
Yazd – desert world populated by goat herders and monks, there is a psionics academy here

Auriga – population of billions, dominates its neighbors through trade and military might
Worlds under the sway of Auriga
Kem – home to a major spaceyard, high tech, very wealthy
Grus – preceptor archive atop an ancient alien monument that holds terrible secrets.
Carina – Exchange consulate is the trading hub of the sector

Other known worlds:
Ur – contact can only be made at designated trading centers
Elam – tomb world, some say savages live in the ruins
Procyon – bombed out and radioactive, technology has been pushed back to the industrial age, few survive in the ruins, valuable alien ruins are known to be here.
Garnet Sidus – world under quarantine


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