Blitz O'Malley

Adventure Seeking Explorer Entreprenuer


Level 1 Expert

*Strength 9
*Intelligence 13
*Constitution 14
*Wisdom 18
*Dexterity 15
*Charisma 14

Laser Rifle, Woven Armor
Background: Security Crew
Training: Explorer


Blitz may well have been born in space. Ever the traveler he spent his youth living on ship after ship traveling from galaxy to galaxy. His quick wit earned him the respect of more than a few captains and he found work frequently assisting a first mate or two with overseeing the operation of the ship. He isn’t well trained on any particular station but is good at identifying problems before they get too severe.

All this travel has left him interested in seeing the universe. To do that he is going to need to become the captain (or patron) of a ship of his own, and that is going to take credits. For the moment he’s taking whatever jobs he can get to earn him the cred he needs. If a job takes him somewhere new great, but cred is cred and he’ll take the work he can get. He also needs to learn some skills along the way and find a trustworthy crew. Exploring is good business, and that makes it dangerous. Insert other clichés here.

Though he never settled there, his heritage is likely from Auriga.

Blitz O'Malley

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